Facial Peels

Benefits of Facials

The one part of our body we see every day is our face and that reflection in the mirror can affect how you feel. It’s important that we take care of our skin; it’s the largest organ of our body and it reflects our inner health and lifestyle. One sure way to achieve healthier skin is by following a nutritious diet, drink half your weight in ounces of water (ex. Weight is 120 lbs. = minimum of 60 oz. of water a day), daily exercise and incorporating professional treatments to support a daily home care regimen.

Facials are often thought to be a luxury – something to do while on vacation or for a special occasion. However, making monthly facials part of a regular self-care routine can translate to:

  • firmer & tighter skin
  • glowing radiant skin
  • reduce or control acne
  • soften fine lines
  • minimize sun damage or hyperpigmentation
  • improve one’s self confidence by looking younger than their actual age

By monitoring your skin condition on a regular basis, a Skin Care Professional may spot changes in your skin before bigger problems arise. And as part of the service, your skin care professional can recommend a home care regimen that will help maintain optimal skin health between facials. I will help you select appropriate products for your skin type, Massage Therapy San Francisco, CAsometimes people think they have dry skin (not enough oil) when they really have dehydrated skin (not enough water) and therefore require different products and treatments. Dehydration is the leading cause of aging next to sun damage. I will educate you on how to use products to be most effective for your skin and your wallet. Some people assume more is better and this is not always the case with skin care, especially sensitive or sensitized skin. Facial Frequency: We replace our skin cells every 28 days in our 20’s. As we age, it takes longer for cells to turnover, add about 10 days per decade. A professional facial helps remove dead cells on the surface of the skin and stimulates new cells. By nourishing the new cells with the appropriate products, we can maintain healthy glowing skin and minimize the signs of aging.

  • Facial frequency may vary from every 2-3 weeks to get acne under control or for corrective treatments.
  • Every 4-6 weeks for someone with good skin, showing early signs of aging or for corrective treatments.
  • Every 8-12 weeks for someone who has great skin and maintains it with an optimal home-care regimen between facials.

Both men and women will benefit from regular facials. Men experience the same effects of aging as women and in fact, a man’s skin may be exacerbated by shaving which can cause irritation. Men may have more tendency to forget sunscreen or tend not maintain a daily skin care routine which could then result in early signs of aging. For both sexes and almost any age, feeling better and looking better boost self-esteem. People are living longer, healthier lives, and they’re learning that skin care is an important part of a regular routine. Again, it is the largest organ of our body, it is living and breathing, absorbing the elements of our environment and being nourished by what we eat, drink and apply topically to it. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. While a healthy diet, water consumption, stress management, exercise, and sunscreen are vital to healthy skin, professional treatments go a long way toward stimulating, balancing, and improving your complexion. Regular facials should be a key component in maintaining optimal skin health and giving you that glowing healthy skin. Want to learn more about us? See what our customers have to say at our testimonials page!