Just a few testimonials from clients over the past 3 years. We maintained an overall 5-star rating on Yelp and I decided to open Serenity Wellness Spa in November 2013.  We continue to elevate the treatments, products, and overall service to provide new amazing experiences at Serenity Wellness Spa. If you’ve had a wonderful experience, please share it on Yelp, Google or Facebook, every positive review is so appreciated!  We are also open to constructive feedback and view it as an opportunity to learn and improve, please use the Contact Us link or email us at wellness@serenitysf.com.
* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Testimonials submitted via website and Reviews from Yelp

“This review is for massage therapist Christina, miracle worker. She delivers maximum pressure to get out all those knots and loosen up tight muscles.  Some days my body is just crying for me to go visit her and have her fix me up so I’m comfortable again.  I have a lot of trouble finding someone who can deliver enough pressure to work out the knots in my shoulders, back and neck but she is the best I have found!  Not to say she can’t be more relaxing and lighter pressure when and where you need it…because she is wonderful about adjusting to your requests.  I love working with her and REALLY look forward to going to visit her.  Highly recommended for those with reoccurring knots, tightness, aches, and pains.  This is a great salon in general and I fully intend to go back to experience some of the other services and products they offer!”

~ * Lindsey S, Yelp Review 8/21/13, San Francisco, CA.

“EXCELLENT experience here today. Everyone was so friendly and genuine. My masseuse Ashley was so good with her hands and very personable. (We spent the first few minutes bonding over our shared nursing school experience, and spent the rest of it with me being beat into relaxation.) Cost was very reasonable, and my BFF (who also got a massage) and I were blissful and relaxed the whole day. Highly recommend these ladies.”

~ * Ann A. Yelp Review, 9/14/2012, Stuebenville, OH.

“I discovered Spa Belle Vie over the net prior to my arrival into San Francisco on a short visit. I had communicated with Sharon and she was so professional in setting up the appointment for me and assisting me to suggest a package that totally suited my needs.

Upon my arrival (straight from the airport), I was greeted with such a warm personality and she gave me one of the best and most effective facials that I have ever had. My pigmentations were visibly lighter and within the week managed to sneak another appointment in with her before I head back.

Sharon was always very helpful in all my questions about beauty products, how and whys. She even had my facial products delivered to my hotel room as I didn’t have time to go back to her shop! What a trooper..!!!

Thank you Sharon…you were amazing and the best!

I hope if I ever come back to San Francisco, definitely book an appointment with you again.”

~ * Wendy, Yelp Review 12/3/2012, Singapore

“Spa Belle Vie facial- THE MOST RELAXING FACIAL ever (gorgeous smelling lemongrass jasmine facial mask, light shoulder/arm massage, pain free blackhead extraction!)

Sharon is wonderful and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve been a regular for over a year now and there is obviously a good reason for that.

When it comes to health, nutrition and skin care I’m pretty well informed. That is, until I talk to people like Sharon and realize I still have a lot to learn!

Did you know that SPF clogs pores only if it has avobenzone (synthetic and controversial anyway) in it and that SPF lotions with titanium and zinc are noncomedogenic and can be used on combination skin too? I didn’t, until Sharon told me.

Every time I see her we have a long chat about health and nutrition and she’s always helpful with skin products too.

In addition to detox kits and great facial products, Spa Belle Vie offers a great selection of body lotions made in Hawaii (smell one and try to walk out without buying it, I dare you).”

~ * ET C (Elma), Yelp Review, 10/18/2012 San Francisco, CA.

“By far one of the best facials I’ve gotten.

Sharon is truly a master of her craft. I came at 11:30 for my noon appointment because I was worried about parking, Sharon took me right in and we got started. When I was done, I looked at my watch and it was just about to be 1! So she worked over my 60 minute appointment!

During my facial, she made sure I was comfortable and let me relax without talking too much- just when she needed to (explaining what she was doing, asking about my health, etc). While she was letting a masque sit on my face, she massaged my feet! I’ve never had that done at any spa that I’ve been at. In addition to the foot massage, the neck, shoulder, and arm massage was absolutely amazing. It was so relaxing and gentle, I just wanted to float away. She recommended a peel that I was unsure about and ended up letting me try it complementary!

I ended up buying some products and Sharon was not pushy at all. She recommended the best ones for me and gave me space to decide if I wanted to buy any.

Sharon is amazing and I felt very comfortable with her from the get go. If I decide to continue with my facials every month, I will keep coming to her!”

~ * Stephanie P, Yelp Review, 10/11/2011 San Jose, CA.

“Sharon is amazing. She is ultra knowledgeable, serious about her clients’ health, i.e., my health, she has the touch of a butterfly when working on my face, and after 25 years of receiving facials, that is miraculous. She is very respectful and will not talk overmuch so that one can relax and not get too caught up on her work. She believes we have to have these relaxing off times to enjoy real health and wellness. Wow. I love going to Spa Belle Vie because I know I’m going to have time with no cell phones, bosses, faxes, emails, texts, etc. I just get to be. Aaah. Sorry if this all sounds corny or cheesy. Its totally 100% honest. I’ve had: facials, eyebrow arches, massages, done the 30 day detox under Sharon’s care, done the body detox wraps and scrubs (lost several inches), tried the products and have always felt welcomed, appreciated, never rushed and paaaaampered!

Sharon, you’re a spa genius. I think I’ll call you Genie from now on. 🙂

Can’t wait for my next appointment. It means lying down after a long day at work, enjoying the soothing music, receiving a nurturing experience and leaving feeling more feminine, more at peace, and quieter in myself.

Its not a chain spa, its not flashy, its just lovely. Its cozy and nicely appointed and has a personal touch. I like that I don’t get a corporate feel from it like at the franchised spas.

Sharon took the time, months actually, to get additonal training from a naturopath (sp?) in how to help me become healthier. My doctor, an MD, never bothered to do this. But Sharon did. She is the unclaimed jewel on Union Street. I’d learned to eat so much better and here I was just going to get facials and arches! And now I know how to live better. Wow.

I love working with her. I trust her completely now and have learned a TON about health, beauty, and even have learned from her good example. Come on, admit it, its not easy to be a small business owner in this economy. I want to see her succeed so I’m revisiting Spa Belle Vie. People like Sharon are rare therefore I want to cherish what life has sent me in this gift of a woman. She exemplifies the grace, humility and kindness needed in a service industry.

Let’s all be honest. There is no perfect spa. But to come this close and to see the effort that Sharon puts forth is so much more rewarding when I’m on the receiving end that I feel fully satisfied with all of my many many experiences there. I never stop recommending her.

Thanks for listening. Sorry to go long. Didn’t mean to gush, but, just couldn’t help it!”

~ * F.M., Yelp Review, 9/12/2011 San Francisco, CA.

“I started seeing Sharon through a Bloomspot deal before she opened this spa. She offered such a great deal to be a recurring customer (the wellness program) that I’ve been going ever since. I don’t know what shape I’d be in without her! I get a 60-minute massage ever 4-6 weeks and recently had a facial that was exactly what I wanted – extractions with a light exfoliation since I do that regularly myself. You also can book/change appointments online. Heated beds, super-clean facilities, and lightly moisturizing lotion that is not at all greasy, and Sharon’s sweet demeanor all make sure I don’t plan on going anywhere else.”

~ * Jeanne G. Yelp Review, 5/30/2012, San Francisco, CA.

“I’ve been going to Spa Belle Vie for over a year. Initially, I went for a Facial with Sharon, my skin felt amazing for many days after. Then I decided to try the Detox Body Wrap, having had 2 children and trying to lose the last 10-15 lbs or so had been a challenge. Sharon took the time to explain the process (first a body scrub which removes the dead skin, allowing the cream to penetrate and leaving your skin smooth like never before… then the cream, niacin and herbal based which draws toxins from the skin… then you are wrapped which activates your lymphatic system… you then relax for an hour or opt for a facial.) I highly recommend the Darphin Customized Facial, it’s one of the best facials I’ve had. The essential oils transform you into a state of relaxation and your skin looks visibly soft, smooth and lifted, none of that red blotchy skin, even with extractions! Sharon is also a massage therapists so her massage technique during the facials makes for a completely therapeutic experience, she does pressure points, lymph drainage and firm massage movements that lift your skin while relaxing your neck and shoulders.

Sharon has coached me on things to avoid such as alcohol, white flour, sugar, red meat and caffeine during the 3 days that follow the wrap, in addition you must drink 75-90 oz. water/day – this gives you optimal results. I must admit, I cheated a little on the caffeine, but, I still got great results! The process made me realize how toxic sugar and white flour is to the body and reducing that from my diet in the long run gave me lasting results.

I decided to do a series of wraps last year and by the third wrap I was DOWN A PANT SIZE! I really lost inches on my waist, stomach, thighs and arms. My skin had tighten up and I was feeling amazing. It inspired me to get back to the gym which of course enhanced the results and before I knew it, I had LOST 15lbs! The wraps really work and Sharon is an amazing Wellness Coach, she explains how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle, how to reduce stress, how to care for your skin and body – she was in customer service for 20 years before opening Spa Belle Vie and you can tell she is passionate about helping people. I’ve learned so much and continue to see her for Facials and Detox Body Wraps. I’m on another round of Detox Body Wraps for maintenance, it not only sheds inches that I’ve gained over the holidays but it makes you feel great as your body is literally releasing toxins.”

~ * Debra Z., Yelp Review, 3/18/2012, San Francisco, CA.

Serenity Wellness Spa

“I consider myself lucky to have found Sharon Vendle at Spa Belle Vie. I have been experiencing some dreadful skin problems, and in a matter of weeks, Sharon has calmed down my skin and made it much better. She has done 2 facials for me, both very soothing and potent, and I have been using the skin products and probiotics she’s recommended. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working, and I hope others could give her a try as I think Sharon genuinely cares for her clients and really has a knack for skin care.”

~ * Apple M, Yelp Review 8/20/2013, San Francisco, CA.

“I have been coming here for a year now. Although this is a review for Sharon’s facials, I am confident Emilka is just as skilled as she is. I agree with all of the glowing reviews I read here about Sharon, she is definitely a capable aesthetician.

I am deemed a regular at this place, as I get treatments once every 5 or 6 weeks, because of that they apply a Wellness Program discount on any products I buy here. For me it’s great for picking up the proprietary blend of supplements and other skin products sold here. I really love the product lines used by this spa in facials, they are mainly from the professional or regular series by Darphin, Cosmedix and PCA Skin. My primary objective is clearing my skin and I am very impressed with their customized facials. I’ve tried 2 of the various peels they offer here, I included enzyme peels in my facial over 5 occasions, and they have been beneficial over time. Also, Sharon takes an integrative approach (I hope that I’m using correct phrasing) that goes beyond the time of your visit, in that she encourages cleansing be worked into your lifestyle. Ladies, start by ensuring you’re hydrated by drinking your daily fill of water.

Sharon’s massages are truly therapeutic, the relaxation you’d feel is a cut above the rest. my mother and I have both tried it. Amazing spa all in all.

Lastly, when I check in on Yelp, a detox wrap deal is unlocked! Way to give customers appreciation!”

~ * Loraine T, Yelp Review, 12/19/2011 San Francisco, CA.

“I received a 60-min customized facial with Sharon. She was excellent! Lots of different soothing masks and cleansers. The extractions barely hurt. I had a couple extra zits a day afterwards, but I understand you must first make a mess in order to clean it up. I can tell my skin is brighter and smoother than before. She was very knowledgeable about my skin type. The spa was very clean and relaxing. Highly recommended!”

~ * Melissa P., Yelp Review 7/12/2011, San Francisco, CA.

“My husband and I went on a Candida 30-day detox because of many months of dependency on OTC (over the counter) Zyrtec for itchy welts on waistline, armpits, back of thigh, usually occurring in the evenings. Initially, when symptoms first occurred, we thought it might be food allergy, having eaten bitter melon for the very first time. However, over an 8 month period, welts/itchiness continued despite small dosage of steroid injection for a one-time only treatment. Aware of the bad side effects of long term Zyrtec, at the suggestion of Wellness Coach Sharon Vendle at Spa Belle Vie, we began the Candida 30-day detox program with M’lis supplements. She coached long distance via phone and email.

We were already having raw fruits/veggies at least two meals a day so having to avoid red meat, sugar, white flour, yeast, diary, and caffeine did not seem too difficult. Learning to read all labels made us realize how much sugar we were indeed consuming. Giving up whole wheat bread and bread products took a while to adjust; so we were back on brown rice. We lost 10 pounds each in the first week and nicely managed to get through the holidays. No desserts. My husband’s lab results last month(especially cholesterol, sugar) were all within limits; even the doctor could not believe it! We are seniors nearing 70 and on NO prescription medication.

With careful limited intake of sugar, welts are gone and off Zyrtec forever! Body and mind feels so much better, we are very fortunate to have undergone this 30-day detox program with Sharon at Spa Belle Vie and will maintain with the 7-day program every few months. We continue to take Mlis supplements every day as we understand that you don’t get all you need from the foods you eat to maintain optimal health. We’ve taken supplements since our 30’s and Mlis really makes a difference.”

~ * Carol T., Testimonial 2/24/2011, Honolulu, HI.

“Sharon and Emilka – were such a great set of folks to get a facial from – they understand the holistic approach/ the natural way of taking care of your skin and body… I am hooked.
They accommodate and also advise above and beyond what you have paid for – they really want people to take care of their bodies. I would like to continue to market her – if you go tell them Dhwipa sent you – you might just get a special extra attention – I loved them and honestly I am overly picky when it comes to facials and taking care of my skin… way to go Sharon and I wish you the very best with your new spa.”

~ * Dwhipa P., Yelp Review 2/1/2011, San Francisco, CA.

“Sharon gave me the very best massage tonight, it was amazing. I’ve had tension headaches for the past week, and I finally have some relief.

She’s also very knowledgable about products and skin care, so that’s great too!

I also had a facial today, and my skin is glowing! The products she used were wonderful, and the aromatherapy left me feeling so calm and relaxed. I hope to return as soon as I can afford it, because feeling this wonderful should happen more often!”

~ * Adrienne l, Yelp Review 9/21/2010, Seattle, WA.

“Expect compleeeeeete relaxation. Ask for Sharon. She is awesome!!!

This cute & cozy little spa sits comfortably on the corner of Union & Webster. My gf Carm J. & I didn’t come in on an instant whim. Instead, we booked our appointment a few weeks in advance after finding a cool deal on Living Social. A 60-minute deep tissue massage for $55. What an absolute steal!

The ambiance is restfully peaceful- dim lighting, soft music, & comfy lounge seats. The spa was decorated very simple and cute. Staff was extremely personable & attentive.

My massage was heavenly. My questionnaire noted my sensitive spot, back issues, sore shoulders & thighs, and the need to de-stress from a tough past few weeks. Sharon catered to my every need w/ perfection- working minor kinks & using the right amount of firm pressure everywhere. Absolutely wonderful!

Bottom line: What a way to end the work week. I think I may have found my regular masseuse. Sharon, you are it!!!”

~ * Joy A, Yelp Review 7/30/2010, Daly City, CA.

“I went to this spa on Union St a couple of weeks ago for a facial and I have to say that it’s one of the best facials I have ever had! It’s not just a facial, it’s an experience and Sharon does everything to make you feel relaxed and pampered when you are in her hands. Her facials don’t just entail the usual facial cleanse and extractions but she goes above and beyond and starts by calming your nerves by using pressure points at both extremities (feet and head) to make you feel relaxed. I think that was my favorite part of it since you don’t get that at most spas. Turns out she is also a licensed massage therapist.. no wonder! (I’ll come in for a massage soon!) She decided to use this mask on me made by a French company called Darphin. Great stuff! It left my skin soft and glowing even after a several days. She even gave me some samples of the product to try at home if I really liked it.

She’s very professional and knows her practice very well. I’m definitely going back to her again.”

~ * Marie T, Yelp Review 5/28/2010, San Francisco, CA.

“I just had a facial done by Sharon yesterday. In a word, it was HEAVENLY! By far the best facial I’ve ever had…and I’ve had my fair share.

It began with a soothing aroma therapy treatment. Each step from that point seemed to get better and better. In addition to the luxurious products Sharon used on my skin, she also included a variety of massage and pressure point techniques. There was even a foot massage included!

After the treatment was finished my skin looked and felt amazing! I typically have very dry skin but by the time Sharon was done with me my skin was plump and hydrated and seemed to be glowing.

One of the things I really appreciated about Sharon was that she didn’t seem to be ‘pushing’ any particular product line on me. She is very knowledgeable on a number of different product lines and really tries to select and recommend the ones that would be most beneficial for me.

Sharon is knowledgeable and thorough, and her techniques are incredibly relaxing. I have already started recommending my friends to her!”

~ * Nichole G, Yelp Review 5/5/2010, San Francisco, CA.