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In times of uncertainty, people can lose track of the things in their life they can control.  By controlling the things you can such as how much news or social media you watch, you can affect your mental and emotional well-being.  By taking a walk, an online fitness class, biking, or running on your treadmill you will positively affect your physical health, and exercise releases endorphins which will affect your mental health.

It is important to focus on the what you can affect, and understand that letting go of the things you have little control of doesn’t mean you don’t care or you are giving up, it means there is finite time in a day, use it wisely to have the greatest impact.   Spiritually, you should also make time to do nothing, 15 min. of stillness and quieting your mind by focusing on your breath or white noise will allow you to clear your mind, refocus, and feel more grounded. Try it for ONE week.  Every morning for 15 min. sit in stillness and breathe, count to six as you breathe in, hold for two counts, release for six counts – let me know after the week, how you feel and what changes you’ve noticed in your life.

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